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The compact body design of the RA09-06 robot, with a slim design, makes the difference with other arms of the same level. With freedom of action in small spaces, it manages to maintain a very low rate of interference with surrounding devices.

  • Maximum reach 915 mm.

  • Structure design lighter than other equipment of the same level.

  • Easy to install an integrated system.

  • Wall or inverted mounts.

  • The rigidity of the mechanical unit and the control technology guarantee smoothness and stability in movements.

  • Nominal payload of 6 kg. Ideal for multiple applications.

  • I / O signal cable incorporated inside the arm.

  • Leak-proof structure, can be applied in dusty and oil mist environment (IP 56).

  • Applications:

    • Loading / Unloading CNC Machines.

    • Palletized.

    • Assemble.

    • Marking

    • Plasma / Laser cutting

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