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The CRP-RH18-20W Welding Robot has become the balance point for the integration of Robotized solutions in welding. This arm fills an unattended space for mid-range robots, with a significant load capacity in this range, achieving the difference with other arms of the same level. With its 1800 mm enclosure and 20Kg load capacity and in combination with the Welding Multi Process connectivity , it becomes the right Robot for the implementation of robotic welding of components manufactured from different materials.


  • Maximum reach 1800 mm.

  • Structure design lighter than other equipment of the same level.

  • Wall or inverted mounts.

  • The rigidity of the mechanical unit and the control technology guarantee smoothness and stability in movements.

  • Nominal payload of 20 kg, it becomes the toughest equipment in the CRP family.

  • I / O signal cable incorporated inside the arm.

  • Leak-proof structure, can be applied in dusty environment (IP 54).

  • IP67 wrist with hollow mounting on Axis 6 for installation of water-cooled torches.

  • Some applications:

    • MIG / TIG welding

    • Loading / Unloading CNC Machines.

    • Palletized.

    • Plasma / Laser cutting
    • Grinding


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