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The compact structure of the CRP SCARA Robot makes it the quietest in the range of SCARA Robots on the market. The S04 / delRS06 are high speed robots with high torque transmission. they achieve high precision operations. With the ability to move 3Kg or 6Kg loads, in a 400 or 600mm envelope, it can perform high-acceleration movements with high loads. The ease of integration to vision systems and other peripherals, including other Robots, make CRP's SCARA system a versatile device, which allows interconnectivity through the G3 controller.

  • Maximum reach: RS04 = 400 mm. / RS0 = 600mm

  • Structure design lighter than other equipment of the same level.

  • Easy to install an integrated system.

  • Integrable with Multi-brand Vision Systems.

  • Network Linkable (Synchro Robot)

  • The rigidity of the mechanical unit and the control technology guarantee smoothness and stability in movements.

  • Nominal payload of RS03 = 3 kg // RS04 = 6Kg.

  • Standard 23 Digital I / O.

  • Ports: Serial, USB, Ethernet

  • Leak-proof structure, can be applied in dusty and oil mist environment (IP 56).

  • Applications:

    • Loading / Unloading on conveyors.

    • Palletized.

    • Assemble.

    • Marking

    • Packing.

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