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With the widest working envelope of the CRP family, the Robot RH-20-10W with 2000 mm of reach and high precision with high speed cycles, it allows us with 10Kg of load capacity not only to integrate welding applications with Torches Cooled by Water, but in the same way to develop solutions in Laser welding.

Other advantages to highlight:

  • Maximum reach 2000 mm.

  • Floor, Wall or Inverted Mounts allowed.

  • Nominal payload of 10 kg. Ideal for MIG / TIG / Laser welding applications.

  • The arm features a dual circuit Air / Gas line.

  • Internal control wiring routing using highly flexible cables.

  • Integrable with Positioners up to 1 Ton capacity.

  • Programming of Coordinated Movements between Robot-Positioner-Scroll Rail

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